Pediatric Readiology Technician Job Descritption and Outlook

There are numerous fields within the radiology technician field and one of these fields involves working with children which is called a pediatric radiology technician. This is the process of using imaging within the medical field to diagnose injury and diseases within children under the age of 18. Training for this specialty field ranges between one and four years, however, the most common requirement for this position is an associate in radiation technology degree.

What Is a Pediatric Radiology Technician?

Work in this specialty means that you would have to work with children and infants to prepare them for x-ray exams and explain and/or answer any questions asked by the family and even the child. Your other duties will involve positioning the child for their x-ray and ensuring that they are protected from radiation exposure that is unnecessary. You will find that as a pediatric radiology technician you will typically be employed at a children’s hospital, where you will need a great deal of patience and above-all creativity to work with kids that will be afraid of the process.

Educational Requirements

In the US, there are well over 600 radiology programs that will take between one to four years to complete. The most common degree that is held is an associate radiation technology degree. The courses covered include:

  • Medical ethics
  • Anatomy
  • Radiation physics

The exam needed to obtain your license within your state will also need to be completed and passes so that you can show an employer that you are knowledgeable with the equipment and the material that you will be working with on a day to day basis. In order to maintain your radiology license must be earned through continued education programs.

What Skills Are Required?

Some of the skills that you would need to possess as a radiology technician in the pediatric specialty include:

  • Communication
  • Flexibility and be a fast thinker so that they can easily distract a child and when they may need to use gentle restraints to ensure that the child can have a proper x-ray.
  • Work well under stress

Salary and Career Outlook

According to a study completed by the United Stated Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), given the current and possible future advances within the medical field, there will be a need for new positions within diagnostic centers, physicians’ offices and other healthcare facilities where radiology services will be needed. It is also believed that a majority of the positions needed to be filled will be within children’s hospitals. The current annual salary for an entry level position is approximately $35,000 and on the higher end the salary is approximately $74,000 with the median salary being $42-$63,000.

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