Radiology Technician Schools in Chicago

Chicago is the most famous and largest city in Illinois and is the 3rd largest city in US in terms of population. The city was originally founded in the year 1833. The cost of study in Chicago is less when compared to other places especially in the study of radiology. The city has 5 radiographers schools for the students to choose.

Malcolm X College:

This institute is a 2 year school that is situated in Chicago in Illinois. The college was established in the year 1911 and it offers various programs and degrees in diverse study areas. The college laid emphasis on continuing education and adult education. The college encourages the women’s and men’s sports team. The college is a home for many organizations and clubs. The major areas of study are mortuary science, medical technology, radiology, nursing and social work.

Malcolm X College
Chicago, IL60612-3197

Wilbur Wright College:

The institute was established in the year 1934 and it offers a 2 year college that offers certificate programs and associate degrees. The academic department of the college includes computer information system, physical science, environmental technology, foreign language and humanities. The organizations and clubs of the college are music club, phi theta kappa, radiology club, history clubs and many others. The sports team of the institute is called as Rams. More than 10,000 students are enrolled in the college.

The games played by both women’s and men’s sports team are wrestling and basketball. Most of the students of the college are above the age of 40. The major courses offered by the institute are business management, engineering technician, medical technology, counseling, law enforcement, office administration, exercise therapy, radiology and medical administration. The senior staffs of the institute are highly paid and they provide practical experience to the students during the teaching session.

Wilbur Wright College
Chicago, IL60634-1500

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology:

The institute promotes the excellence in education field and elevates the safety and quality of the patient care through accreditation of the educational programs in radiation therapy, medical dosimetry, magnetic resonance and radiography. The college also offers distance learning system to the students to learn the programs on medical domisery, magnetic resonance, radiation therapy and radiography.

The courses offered by the college are of high standards that provide quality education to improve their knowledge on the subject of radiography. The accreditation program followed in the institute assures the student to gain better knowledge and to develop their skill in the area of study both theoretically and practically. The students who have completed the accredited course have the license to work in any of the state as radiology technician.

The main goal of the institute is to offer a comprehensive curriculum which will prepare the students to develop themselves as the radiographers who can solve the critical problems and communicate effectively. The staffs are highly flexible and put on their full effort to develop their students into successful professionals.

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
Chicago, IL60606-7901

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