Radiology Technician Schools in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a place where there are large numbers of radiologists who have found a successful career in the health care centers. The radiologist with certification on the course is offered job opportunities even without any license. The radiologist must have certain experience in the field they work as the job requires high talent to work on.

Boston University:

The institution is a coeducational and an independent private teaching and research institute. The college is situated in BU which is called as heart of city in Massachusetts. Over 84 programs on various study fields are offered by the institute. More than 32,000 students were enrolled in the institute during the year 2008-2009.

The athletic students of the institute are given financial aid to support them. It is a private institute that is not developed for profit. The various courses offered by the institute are on hospitality, law, engineering, radiology, culinary arts and social work.

Boston University
MA 02215

Massasoit Community College:

The institute was started in the year 1966. Certified programs and associate degrees are offered by the institute to its students. Emergent technology, information technology, nursing, radiology, social science, workforce development and hospitality are the various courses studied in the college.

The sports team of the institute is called as Warriors. The various sports played in the college are football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey and volleyball. Over 7,000 students were enrolled in the college in the year 2008-2009. All the staffs of the institute are highly qualified with good knowledge on the subject they teach.

Massasoit Community College
MA 02302-3996

MGH Institute:

The college aims at teaching the students on subjects that relates to health care professional. The institute was stated in the year 1873. The interdisciplinary courses provided by the institute are on various fields like health care operation, health information, radiology, management, legal standards and on teaching skills. Various clubs and organizations are also hosted by the institute to encourage the students. The payments for all the permanent staffs of the college are very high.

MGH Institute
MA 02129-4577

Regis College:

The college is a private institute that is situated in Weston in Massachusetts. The institute was established in the year 1927. The college provides professional programs, graduate and undergraduate programs on several fields to boast up the career of the students. The institute enrolls many international students every year. The various degrees offered in the college are media, science, liberal arts, radiology, counseling, social work, business management, computer engineering, drama, therapy and education.

The college has developed an active student’s life cycle. More than 30 organizations and clubs are operated in the college. The institute promotes counseling services, health and multicultural affairs for overall development of its students. More than 1,000 students were enrolled in the college in the year 2008-2009. The highest course degree offered in the college is bachelor’s degree on various study areas. It is a private institute which offer tenure faculty system.

Regis College
MA 02493-1571

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