The Good The Bad The XRay Technician

Every job will have its good points and there bad points, if you get a chance to speak with a current x-ray tech then you will surely hear stories about the advantages and the disadvantages you will face.


If you are a person that likes working with the public and helping people then an obvious upside would be being able to assist patients on a daily basis. An x-ray tech is part of the healthcare team that will have the ability to contribute to the detection of a patient’s illness and ready them for the best treatment available.

Even x-ray technicians entering into the field in an entry level position will find that finding a decent job will not be too difficult. Working in the field of radiology in general will allow you to grow your career which will in turn lead to better opportunities and higher paying positions.

Another good side to the x-ray tech position is that it is such a high demand field that opportunities abound. This is one of the main reasons that many enter into the field and possibly a reason why you are interested in entering the field. The time-frame to become a x-ray technician is also not lengthy is can take around 2 years to become a radiology technician program graduate.


A downside to working as an x-ray tech is that the times you work can be hectic. Technicians often work odd or difficult schedules that will often lead them to being away from home at odd hours and losing some much needed rest. Depending on the healthcare facility it may require that the technician work on a shift by shift basis thus meaning that they may find themselves working weekends and even some holidays.

Technicians also need to attend additional study programs and earn their certification to increase their salary. The extra time that would have been spending with friends or family is typically spent in class or studying for the next certification exam.

As with other field in the healthcare field, professionals are often faced with providing services to patients that have severe enough illnesses that there are no treatments available. Dealing with death is hard for anyone and it can take a toll mentally and physically and as a professional while you can show empathy and care for the patient and their family, you will have X amount of other patients to attend to and find treatments for.

Overall, the role of a radiology technician has its advantages and disadvantages but in its entirety it is a very rewarding position to undertake.

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